Cheer up (dedicated to the boy who lost my roll of 35mm film)


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Combe, E 2016 & Fisher, G 2016
Apr3-Apr10 2017
Held at La Trobe University Annex Gallery

I met a film student from England called George.

We were both outside our home countries and somehow we quickly formed a relationship of pretending to be married.

It was the only time I can say I was fake-married to a gay man.

We ended up divorcing and whenever I try to attribute a reason I can only say it was because we became too close.

At the time I was very caught up in my feelings, especially since I have strong platonic attachments. In retrospect though, it was just a moment of my life.

I have no bad feelings towards him, and yet I can’t say I miss him either. He is like whatever the human version of non-space is. Meeting him was like catching a train or having a conversation in a supermarket aisle.

This is not to say it was regretful, nor does it associate any derogatory connotations to him.

I’m thankful at least that we were able to produce these photographs together.

This was his first time using a manual analogue camera, but I liked the sense of vision he could contribute as a film student.

The process itself was a shared artwork, which can never be repeated. It was an important part of my research into relationships and although you can now see visual evidence of this; as a viewer you cannot experience this work in the same way we did.

The double exposure technique blurs the line of our artist identity and now it can only be guessed who took which photo. The faces of our friends overlay with the foreign landscape and representations of memories become vague.

George and I are no longer in contact since he removed me on social media.

My best wishes extend to him and I hope one day he can have the opportunity to see my art in a gallery.

Collaboration between George Fisher (Film major, England) and Edwina Combe (Fine art major, Australia)

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