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Combe, E 2018
Enlighten Festival of Projection & included as part of the Enlighten Precinct in White Night Bendigo
August 29th- September 1st 2018
Held at The Subtle Eye, Bendigo

A unique photographic work using images that have been carefully produced over the span of more than two years, using only analogue cameras and no digital editing. The distinctiveness of each image is created by modifying the 35mm film and lenses, as well as through hand-making cameras. The meditative and drawn-out nature of the creative process is reflected by a darkroom-inspired installation and the slow transition between each photograph.

Like a horizon it signifies endings and beginnings, as well as qualities of liminality and ambiguity.

The photos themselves are sometimes familiar and other times they resemble blurs or dreamlike distortions. They aim to capture not just imagery but rather a subtle sense of their creation and the moment.

Festival information:

Enlighten– Curators Statement
This winter, 2018 brings a new horizon to Bendigo with the Enlighten Festival, an invitation to all local creative people to bring a new light into the area between Bendigo Town Hall and Rosalind Park, by offering experiences – spatial, social, technological, conceptual or experimental, Which explore the magic of projection, As a meeting,
Of light and surface
Of journey and arrival
Of abstract and tangible
Of old and new
Of movement and stillness
Of sameness and change
Of today and tomorrow
…A Horizon.
A universal diverse experience – visual, cultural, political, spiritual- that defines, extends and transforms us within this world.
– Molly Braddon,
Festival Creative Producer

White Night

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