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Combe, E 2015-2017
September 14th- October 14th 2017
Held at La Trobe Art Institute, Bendigo

A red string of fate connects moments captured on film like nostalgic memories. Each photograph on its own carries a significance and when combined they create an organised chaos, as if it were a conspiracy clad wall or a detective’s white in a TV drama; trying to establish relationships between items for various reasons to create some sort of better understanding. The obsessive nature of the process is revealed when elements sit together as a singular mass that feeds off the space occupied.

The reason the title of the work differs from previous installs is that it also represents the resolution of a particular chapter in my practice. As well as it’s way of interrupting and integrating amongst the other artworks and architecture change some of the dynamics compared to Connections.

Group exhibition information:

A continuous flow of fairly aimless movement

Opening: Thursday 14th September 5:30pm-7pm
Exhibition dates: 14th September- 14th October
Location: LAI (La Trobe Art Institute), 121 View St, Bendigo


Edwina Combe | Lisa Guzzardi | Doug Hendry | Jacquelyn Klose | Aedan McKay | Danika Garnet-Rose Tayte | Aleesha Ward  | 2nd Year Collaborative

In October 1969 American artist Barry Le Va presented the exhibition Velocity Piece #1 at Ohio State University. Consisting of a stereo sound recording of Le Va running hard into the gallery walls, the exhibition explored notions of time and space and how audiences experience and visualise these ideas via sound alone. While the space did not contain any objects the work was completely reliant on the architecture of the gallery and the action of the artist inhabiting and engaging with it. In this exhibition, student from La Trobe University’s Creative Arts Program explore the concepts of time and space, presenting works which interrupt, engage and respond to the architecture of the gallery and investigate the spatiality of time, locally and across distance.

Curated by Dr Caroline Wallace and Dr Vincent Alessi

Photo credit: Jessie Boylan 2017

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