Connections II

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Combe, E 2016-2017
August 19th-27th 2017
Held at White Space Gallery, Castlemaine

Together with a second hanging of Art Therapy with an Eyebrow Razor

Group exhibition information:


Opening: Thursday 17th August 5pm-7pm
Exhibition dates: 19th-20th August 11am-4pm & 26th-27th August 11am-3pm
Location: White Space Gallery, Enterprise Centre, 1 Halford St, Castlemaine, Australia

In the heart of Castlemaine, The Punctum White Space presents a unique collection of contemporary artworks by fourteen regional and international emerging artists.
In their final year of study these La Trobe students are investigating a number of themes; including space & time, self-awareness, microscopic & macroscopic ways of seeing, architecture, and action & consequence.

Artists: Karissa McDonald, Jessica Bramble, Jacquelyn Klose, Edwina Combe, Aedan Mckay, Biba Cole, Sarah McDonald, Sarah Wallace-Smith, Emma Ciccone, Aleesha Ward, Joanne Osborne, Pamela Isaacs, Kathryn Tovey, Judith Warnest


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